"We want fair working conditions at home office," demands the Work on Wire initiative

A lot of people were ordered to work from home as a consequence of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the workers did not receive the equipment needed for work from home nor were they compensated for the higher costs of energies and services, which were incurred by working from home. The expenses that should be covered by the employer were transferred to employees. There were also cases of breaches of employees’ privacy and employees were made to work overtime or had spyware installed on their laptops by the employer. The current situation is problematic also because work from home also commonly known as home office has no legal backing in the Labour law or other Czech legislation.

The initiative Work on Wire has been focusing on this topic, which connects employees from IT firms and call centers and supports employees in using their working rights. The initiative came with the campaign for support of fair conditions on home office. In the open letter the initiative asks employers to create decent working conditions for their employees, to not disturb the employees’ privacy and offers the flexibility of combining the work from home with the work from office as a standard form of working. 

Everyone, who supports fair working conditions of workers on home office can express their support by adding their signature to the open letter. The open letter is available online and in a physical form at several events of the initiative Work on Wire. This open letter will be sent to the government and the association of employers ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders in the Czech Republic). The campaign is supporting employees in their discussion about the conditions of home office with their employers. 

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